Midnight Patriots

2022 - That's A Wrap

January 01, 2023 The Midnight Patriots Season 3 Episode 8
Midnight Patriots
2022 - That's A Wrap
Show Notes

Happy New Year! Join Spartan and Cryptik as the release the Liberty Virus and recap the Shenanigans, Fuckery and Absurdities that was 2022.

Honorable mentions:

Hunter's Laptop 
and Fauci.....on my!

Top 5 list:

  1. Elon Musk purchases TWITTER **
    1. Free Speech Restored?
    2. Twitter Files / Psyops
  2. Mir-a-Lago Raid
    1. Why Exactly
  3. Illegal Immigration
    1. Being lied to
  4. Red Wave become Wet Fart
    1. DeSantis' Big Win.
    2. Kari Lake
    3. Faith In Elections
    4. Nancy Pelosi
  5. Bruin Case - Big 2A win

So strap IN and LISTEN up, YOU are not going to want to miss this!
As always the Midnight Patriots want to remind YOU, the CONSTITUTION is NOT a suggestion!

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